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Ibiza is rapidly emerging as the new market hotspot, offering a multitude of investment opportunities. The island’s appeal lies in its excellent quality of life, delightful climate, delectable cuisine, cosmopolitan atmosphere, golf courses, and stunning coastline. Its irresistible charm makes it the ultimate destination for those seeking a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.

I have developed a very special bond with Ibiza, my second home, and have made numerous trips to this vibrant island. With my experience and deep knowledge of the local market, I can guide you towards the best investment opportunities in this beautiful island.

Javier Nieto, CEO at Pure Living Properties.

Building to Sell in Ibiza

There are multiple ways to invest in the real estate sector in Ibiza, and a common option is to acquire land and build one or several villas from scratch. If you choose this path, Pure Living Properties will provide you with comprehensive support.

  • Our team has a deep knowledge and keeps market availability up to date, always with a selection of lands that could be interesting for construction.
  • Before your inquiry, we have already evaluated the pros and cons of the lands, the views and orientation, the types of villas that can be built, as well as the current legality in each area.
  • Before purchasing any land, it is necessary to conduct a thorough economic study to determine the actual total investment and expected return.
  • We will also act as your financial experts.
  • We adapt efficiently and quickly to construction projects because we are already prepared in advance.
  • We will cover your interests from start to finish, from the selection of the location to the key delivery.

Buying to Rent in Ibiza

If you consider it highly profitable to acquire a property in Ibiza, in the right location, to amortise it through rentals and obtain secure profits, then you have found the right agency. Buying properties with the purpose of renting, whether short or long term, is an ideal option for investors who value the real estate sector. By buying to rent, you get a double advantage: an income-generating asset and a property that you can personally enjoy. In fact, the property can be rented out at all times or reserved for personal use, such as vacations.

It is important to highlight that acquiring a property for rental purposes has a high return on investment percentage. However, this depends on choosing the right property with high demand, as well as maintaining updated property management and maintenance, which is not an easy task.

Buying to Sell in Ibiza

The real estate market in Ibiza is unique in its class, and the appreciation of some properties surprises even experts in the real estate sector. By choosing a “sure bet,” that is, a villa or apartment with great resale potential in the right location, properly conditioned and with the right agents involved, profit margins can be very high.

At Pure Living Properties, we have a wide portfolio of clients, both national and international, and especially active, which greatly facilitates the buying and selling process.

You can count on us for the acquisition of the property, necessary adjustments if needed, marketing with an appropriate strategy, and ultimately, a successful sale.

Other Real Estate Investment Products

There are other interesting options in the world of real estate investment. Just like in banking or other financial sectors, it is also possible to diversify the portfolio by investing in various real estate projects. In addition, investment formulas such as co-ownership (crowdfunding), in which we collaborate with other agencies, can be considered.

For any type of real estate investment plan, do not hesitate to consult us. We will be delighted to provide personalised advice and help you find the best option that suits your needs and investment objectives.

Javier Nieto

A close and efficient team, with hundreds of sales and thousands of rentals behind them, and an extreme knowledge of the most exclusive areas of Ibiza. This is what we offer our clients. We will be delighted to help you on any matter you need.

Javier Nieto

CEO / General Manager
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