Laura Gomez

Laura is the Art Director of Pure Living Properties and Pure Living Ibiza, with extensive training in photography, sound, and post-production. Her passion for the audiovisual world drives her to create unique and visually impactful projects.

Laura has had the privilege of collaborating closely with renowned professionals in the industry, such as La Voz and the Marbella Film Academy, among others. Her creative ability and innate talent have led her to participate in the prestigious Malaga Film Festival and leave her mark on various short films. However, it was in the real estate world where she discovered a fascinating challenge: to convey not only an image of a house but a life experience in every space. Her passion for storytelling through photography and film finds its ultimate expression in capturing the essence and charm of each property.

Cada propiedad cuenta con una personalidad propia. Conseguir transmitir su historia como una obra de arte es mi pasión. Una imagen dice más que mil palabras o un vídeo nunca mejor dicho.

Laura Gomez

Directora de Arte
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